South Madison Center for
Culture & Community
633 West Badger Road
Madison, WI 53713
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South Madison Center for Culture & Community

What we do for South Madison

With the south side of Madison being one of the most diverse communities in the state of Wisconsin, it’s time to bring its various cultures together and give everyone a central gathering place for culture, community and education.

The South Madison Center for Culture & Community (SMCCC) will be located at 633 West Badger Road. The Center is a joint venture of The Nehemiah Corporation and Fountain of Life Church. SMCCC will serve the neighborhood as a community, educational and cultural center.

We envision our space becoming the community hub that so many neighborhoods in our city lack and need.”

– Rev. Dr. Alex Gee, founder and President of Nehemiah and Senior Pastor of Fountain Of Life Church.


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South Madison Center for Culture & Community

Almost there…

We are well on our way toward launching active programming at the SMCCC. Yet there are still several...

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The South Madison Center for Culture & Community will be a multicultural and multigenerational gathering place on Madison’s
south side that promotes and inspires cultural and creative community exchange among Madison’s diverse community.

The SMCCC will have six program “Centers” – Culture, Education, Social Services & Empowerment, Community, Justice and Economic Development.

SMCCC’s Mission

  • To provide a beautiful & conveniently located cultural arts venue in the heart of Madison’s south side
  • To nurture and support efforts to improve the quality of urban life

Cultural Center

We will host various arts performance events such as plays, poetry slams and concerts, workshops, cultural festivals, film festivals, African American history courses and the Nehemiah Dance & Drill Team.

Education Center

We plan to become a training site for programs such as African American and Urban Leadership programs, college courses for senior citizens, lectures, forums and Nehemiah’s Pre-K Academic Center for Excellence.

Community Center

We will be home to various events such as Neighborhood Association meetings, Town Hall meetings, election polling, Twelve Step programs and Nehemiah family events.

  • To encourage creative and performing arts which enrich, celebrate and affirm cultural identity
  • To provide opportunities for meaningful gatherings, enrichment opportunities and social interactions where the diversity of our community is celebrate.

Social Services & Empowerment Center

We will host programs such as community-based culturally relevant family counseling & support, parenting classes, Still I Rise clothing pantry, African American Male Empowerment, community meals for seniors & the homeless, Lilada’s Livingroom, Voices Beyond Bars and other Nehemiah offerings.

Justice Center

We will house the Nehemiah Center for Justice & Advocacy. Our areas of focus are research, education, influence and restorative services.

Economic Development Center

We will work in collaboration with organizations that provide meaningful opportunities for entrepreneurs & business development for South Madison residents.


South Madison Center for
Culture & Community
633 West Badger Road
Madison, WI 53713
(608) 257-2453 – ext 0